Your Thanksgiving Day Beer Release Schedule: Yes, Pilgrims Drank Beer

Reposted from The LA Weekly… The Mayflower is famously said to have dropped anchor on the shores of New England, short of their Virginia destination, because they ran out of beer. While this account may seem the stuff of preppy frat house legend and historic Anheuser-Busch advertising, it’s based in truth. Look to William Bradford's History of the Plymouth Plantation if you don’t believe us: “We could not take much time for further search, our victuals being much spent, especially beer.” Fresh water aboard ships in the 17th century was unreliable at best, but barrels of beer usually remained potable – salt and malady-free.

Wine is as historically accurate to the first Thanksgiving spread as those baby marshmallows on your yams – beer had a far more probable place. These strong, flavorful beers hardly resemble the corn-based fermented beverage landing on Plymouth settlers’ tables, but they likely taste much better. Fruit, spice and caramely malt are present throughout, yet none of these well-made beers take on the Yankee Candle taste we find in holiday commercial brands.

The highest recommendation we can possibly make is that you take your own pilgrimage to a local taproom on Tuesday or Wednesday and fill up a growler with freshly tapped beer for the big day. If you’re boarding a plane, TSA will not appreciate those 64 ounces, so check a bag filled with the following loot and remember the spirit of the day to share beer and give thanks.