The Latest Los Angeles Beer Bottle Releases

It’s a good time to be a beer-drinking Angeleno. Not only can we enjoy local craft beer from a vast array of quality beer bars, but now an increasing number of our own breweries are bottling their wares. With two breweries bottling for the first time and other established bottle producers increasing their selection for retail, you can explore a landscape of Los Angeles beer in the convenience of your own home. The South Bay dominates this season’s lineup, but that just increases the competitive edge for next time.

The latest L.A. beers run the gamut of style and strength. You can find everything from year-round IPAs and Belgian-styles to seasonal stouts and limited-release, award-winning beers. Don’t forget: Bottle sharing has multiple applications. Host a party where everyone brings something different, or offer a local bottle as an ice-breaker for approaching holiday awkwardness with the in-laws. Find a bottle. Buy a bottle. Share a bottle.