Craft Beer and Taco Bell

Bean and Cheese Burrito and St. Bernardus Abt 12 – Simplicity itself is at the core of every bean and cheese burrito. As picky children it was a reliable item for our parents to feed us; to this day it maintains elegance without the bells and whistles of anything audacious enough to be called “Supreme.” But you’ve matured and your burrito must as well (and I don’t mean Border Sauce Fire level). Almost any beer would go well with a bean and cheese burrito and I could argue the case for Oktoberfest, Black IPA or Nut Brown. But I say go big or go home – alternate bites of burrito with sips of St. Bernardus Abt 12 and prepare your mind to be blown. St. Bernardus’s raisiney phenol goodness will be grounded by those earthy pintos. It may be a big beer but bean and cheese can take it. Can you? Yes you can. Because you’re an adult. And it’s time to put your big girl pants on.

Crunch Wrap Supreme and Firestone Walker Pivo Pils – Ah, the finest product in Taco Bell history. The perfect union of slightly sad lettuce and under-ripe tomatoes cocooned in a shroud of oozy cheese and beef. Crunch Wrap’s toasted envelope of tidy sustenance is what makes it the ideal drive-thru contraband for that moment when you’re rewarding yourself for not telling your boss what you really think of him but still maintaining enough sobriety to drive yourself home. You’ve employed restraint all day, now is the time to let your hair down. Pivo Pils will wash down every bite and miraculously restore your palate with its effervescent body and gentle hop bitterness, yet still allow Crunch Wrap’s flavors to really sing.
Churros and Maui CoCoNut Porter – While the perceived sweetness in Maui’s CoCoNut Porter mimics the sugary exterior of the churro, the beer offers an unexpected dry finish that will balance the actual sweetness of your deep-fried indulgence. Crunchy bites dance in perfect harmony with the silky mouthfeel of this roasty porter. Cinnamon and coconut are such good agricultural bedfellows that they can be intercropped in the right circumstances, and we all know that food that grows together goes together. So congratulate yourself on the play between the churro’s spicy flavor and fragrance, and the subtle tropical notes of your delicious, delicious beer. With all that work depressing the gas pedal and rolling down the window, you’ve earned it.