5 Winter Beers To Drink Now

Reposted from The LAWeekly – The holiday season brings with it a smattering of specialty beers from every corner of the beer-making world. Rare, small-batch releases are just as anticipated as seasonal favorites that return to us like old friends. Styles run the gamut, but rich, heavy beers and those with delicate spices really shine. “Winter warmer” traditionally refers to malty, dark beers that sometimes have a cola-like flavor profile, but contemporary craft brewers are happy to slap the label onto almost any kind of beer released for the December market.

At a festive gathering where the beer is flowing the odds are you will be running into these selections more than once. They’ll be just as prevalent on the shelves of your grocery store as in any small retailer. Follow our guide to find out what to expect from the beers you’ll inevitably cross paths with in the coming weeks.