5 Great California Beers to Drink for Christmas

Reposted from The LAWeekly… L.A. is a challenging city for getting into the Christmas spirit. Here we dream not of a white Christmas but one less clotted with smog. Angelenos wish for a Christmas when the leaf-blowers will quiet and the 405 will relent. There will be nothing to shovel on our walkways, no jovial snowmen to build. Leave your scarves where they are – the forecast heralds 72 and sunny for our holiday.

Look to your California breweries to remind you of the season’s offerings. These five selections (from north to south) include more spicey Winter Warmers and hoppy holiday one-offs. And a dark horse that will remind you that if you can’t believe in Santa you can believe in the magic of a well-built beer to inspire and delight. May your bougainvilleas be merry and your sunsets be bright.